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What do you want from a dental practice management firm? For more than 15 years we have been offering five core components to our services, allowing us to guide dentists in any stage of their career. From graduation from dental school to someone approaching retirement, Momentum Management offers stepping-stones to a successful dental practice

This 24-month program is an extensive journey that walks you through every facet of your dental business. We work through everything from:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Account management
  • Finance
  • Clinical services
  • And much more

One step at a time, we teach you how to transform your office into whatever your goal is, whether its a multi-doctor practice, owning several offices, or just being a successful private practice dentist. We teach you how to feed yourself so your practice can grow.

Graduates of our Momentum Management Program become members of this elite club, which allows them access to advanced training courses, support networks, and continuing education opportunities.
The Momentum Masters program is a long-term relationship that we have with our clients, ensuring their success so as not to get off track when it comes to running a dental business.

Short courses are offered through our Momentum program all over Australia and New Zealand. We have something for all team members, from dentists to managers and support staff.

Running and owning a dental practice has never been more challenging as it is today.

Patients are more scarce, costs and competition are growing and the day-to-day management of a practice is becoming increasingly demanding.

We work together with you to develop the training around your specific needs. A qualified Momentum trainer will then visit your practice, bringing all the necessary materials so your team can maximise their days of training.

Call us today to learn which program is right for you and your practice

We show you how important a phone call with a patient is by teaching your staff the verbal skills to convert shoppers into patients in our 90 minutes training.

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