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The TEAM MOTIVATION SERIES is aimed at providing your team an engaging training experience with other like minded practice managers, dentists and their teams.

This extensive 12 month program is an affordable 1 hour sessions delivered session recorded from a LIVE & INTERACTIVE audience.

Each sessions are delivered by experienced and engaging Momentum Management coaches with years of training experience.


1.Handling Cancelations

Learn how to prevent cancellations and keep your appointment book full. This process involves teamwork by the whole practice. Starting with the clinician and the DA, the patient needs to be educated on the value to return for the next appointment. This is followed up by the front office coordinator using high quality communication skills armed with with the tools to successfully prevent the cancellation.

2.The patient debrief and quality hand over

The debrief is a dedicated 3-5 minutes spent with the patient in the treatment room at the end of every appointment. This time is essential for building relationships and educating your patient about what has been done today and what the next steps are for their personal treatment plan. It has been proven that practices that spend time on their patient debriefs and quality patient handovers have a higher case acceptance rate and a lower cancellation rate.

3.Priority list and tracking incomplete treatments

Many practices spend an excess amount of money marketing to attract new patients to the practice but don’t focus on keeping the patients they already have returning. Some simple systems such as the priority list and tracking of incomplete treatment put in place for your team will help you build your appointment book without destroying your bank account!

4.Social media marketing

Social media marketing is all the craze, but what if we told you that not all social media marketing works and if it does, there is a process for success. Join us in this 45min session and learn what you need to setup for your practice, how you should target and what you should use as well as spend to get cost effective results.

5.Telephone skills

The most important piece of equipment in your practice is the telephone. How you answer the phone and assist the caller can make or break the business. In an untrained practice, up to 50% of ‘shoppers’ or new patient phone calls do not book an appointment. Learn how to engage with the patient on the phone and how to create an exceptional experience for each and every caller.

6.Filling last minute openings

Gaps appear in appointment books for all different reasons. Having an efficient system to deal with the appointment book is vital in a growing practice. Arm your team with the right skills to ensure your book is always structured to be productive and efficient.


There is more to this mini morning meeting than reading the day sheet to each other. A perfect huddle blends the communication needs for the practice with the clinical needs for the day and sets the day up for success.

How to educate a patient about treatment

Our role as a dental professional revolves around educating our patients to make the right decisions for their dental health. The way we deliver information to them is paramount in helping them decide which treatment options are best for them.

8. DISC Profiling

Communication is key if you want to develop a strong relationship with your patients. We all behave in different ways when we interact with people on a daily basis. Learn how your own behaviour can impact that of your patients and team members. Develop strategies to strengthen the ability to communicate more effectively.

9. Greeting the new patient

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. It’s important that your practice has the new patient experience choreographed in order to make them feel special and valued. Some simple preparations can make the difference in having a patient for a day or a patient for life!

10. Getting Google Reviews

How important are google reviews? Let’s look at the real numbers and what type of reviews make the difference. And then let’s explore cost effective tools that work and others that don’t!

11.Converting shoppers

Everybody have preconceived ideas about practice “shoppers” What if we told you that shoppers are potentially loyal patients and excellent referrers. Learn to understand shoppers, how to engage and convert them into the practice.

12. Discussing Financial arrangements and payment plans with patients

In today’s dental practice it is essential to have flexible payment options available for your patients. Some team members find it difficult to bring up the options available to pay for treatments and if they are not discussed, often patients will miss out on having the dental care they need to be healthy.