For a business to operate and grow it MUST make a profit. We have tried and trusted systems to help you increase your production. From your appointment scheduling, your diagnosis and treatment planning to the presentation of your treatment plan, we help you become a confident clinician and inspiring leader.


Exceptional 5 star patient service is no longer a differentiating factor in practices. It is an ESSENTIAL if you want to create loyal patients that refer their friends and family. At Momentum, we base all our systems around a win:win:win philosophy and the centre of this is our patients.


Your team are your greatest resource to help you and your business grow. Learn how to inspire and motivate them to do what you want them to do, to enjoy their jobs and to become fully engaged in the provision of your services to your patients.


Why waste time re-inventing the wheel? We have all the systems, processes, resources and templates you could ever need to run your practice. We help you create your own practice manual using our templates. It can’t get any easier than that.

Over 20 Years of Experience as Industry Leaders

What sets Momentum Management apart from other types of dental practice management organisations is our extensive background in the dentistry and business market. We are a merged organisation with dentists, support staff, and dental practice management professionals, which allows us to understand the unique perspectives that every member of the team has to offer. Our credentials speak for themselves, but you should also hear what our clients have had to say.

What Makes Us Different


We know that time is precious for everyone. That is why we have developed MiPractice, a UNIQUE software that analyses all the essential key performance indicators (KPI’s) from your practice and then presents it in an easy to understand format. Without leaving you struggling to interpret meaningless practice software reports, your MiPractice analytics are available conveniently on your phone and online. This gives you FREEDOM to make the right decisions for your practice no matter where you are in the world.


Momentum has combined with Dental ED to offer you and your clinicians exclusive access to hundreds of hours of high end clinical training including CPD points. We understand that to thrive you need to ensure you have up to date clinical expertise.


Our passionate, experienced and highly trained consultants are your lifeline on your program journey. Your coach is your champion, and will support you through making the inevitable tough decisions on the way to your newfound freedom as a successful business owner.


Every practice needs reliable, reproducible systems in order to run efficiently. Momentum will provide you with the 50 key practice systems that will help you become more organised and efficient, and help you scale your business.


  • We are led by Dr Toni Surace and Mr Emanuel Recupero: the industry’s most respected providers of dental education.

  • We listen to you and tailor our world’s best solutions to meet your needs.

  • We have the exclusive MiPractice software to monitor and assist in explosive practice growth.

  • We provide practice management solutions as well as high-end clinical training.

  • We intimately understand the business of dentistry and are passionate about making you successful.

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Success Stories

Dr. Julia Moldavtsev

“The communication techniques I learned through Momentum have

helped me engage with my patients on such a level that I now have not

just patients, but friends.”

Joanne Medson

“Engaging course, great ideas to improve your practice and so motivating.”

Dr Toni Surace

Managing Director Momentum Management and 

Practice Management Expert

Mr Emanuel Recupero

Managing Director Momentum Management and 

Business Development Expert


Dental Practice Management Expert at Momentum Management and MiPractice