Momentum Masters

Momentum Masters

An invitation-only extension of Momentum+

By application only, this exclusive program amplifies success for  Momentum Management Program graduates. It is perfect for those of you who strive for excellence both professionally and personally. Perfect for practices that have been through the Momentum Management program, and who would like to continue to benefit from the support that Momentum can provide.

  • Be individually mentored by our most experienced consultants
  • Be part of an exclusive achievers’ circle, with private events each year
  • Receive mentoring in leadership development
  • Receive in-practice sessions each year
  • Receive in-house training resources for you and your team
  • Be able to access and participate in online training
  • Gain access to Momentum’s online resources

Often our past practices feel they need ongoing support to ensure they stay accountable, on track and in control. Since finishing up your Momentum course, you may have new staff or differing circumstances around patient flow or practice organisation. Our Masters program is perfect in these instances- to provide you with ongoing support so you don’t lose the momentum (pardon the pun!).

Our NEW Momentum Masters program also integrates an online training component so that you and your staff can attend online team workshops or listen to training recordings at a time and place convenient for you.

View a short sample training recording below!
Packed full of benefits for less than a crown a month!
The Masters Program Membership includes:

  • Monthly advanced coaching sessions
  • Development of Annual Plan and monthly monitoring of all key KPIs
  • Creation of a 12-month marketing plan
  • Access to all Momentum Management resources through the website
  • Complimentary attendance at all ‘Owner Only’ workshops for current program clients
  • Annual event focused on strategic planning and advanced skills
  • Participation in or access to online team workshops- perfect for training new staff
  • Interactive online systems review workshops
  • Complimentary attendance at all short courses for you and your significant other
  • 50% off all short courses for your staff

Packed full of benefits for less than a crown a month!
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