What a dental practice owner says about Momentum?

What dentists are saying about Momentum?

Joining Momentum has been one of the best decisions I have made as a practice owner. Toni, Emanuel and the rest of the group have been very helpful. Their mentorship has guide me and my staff in making changes, learning and achieving great results in a very short time.

After only a few months of being in the program, I feel I have more confidence as a practice owner and as a leader for my staff. I recommend this program to anyone that wants a successful practice.

I decided to work with Toni because I felt that she really cared for my situation. Toni is very knowledgeable, and I’m amazed by how well she knows my situation, even when she has a lot of other clients! Having Toni early in my practice ownership journey helped put systems in place and set us up for success.

Toni and the Momentum team have been instrumental in getting my practice to where it is today. Where they excel is helping practices get good systems so the patient experience is consistent, and the team can operate stress free.

My communication skills have improved so much since going through the Momentum program and this has helped me not just with case acceptance but in all walks of life. I've recommended her many times to my friends who are practice owners and will continue to do so. Getting coaching from her was the best thing I did for my business. I can't thank her enough. The journey has been amazing for me.

Toni and Emanuel are passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable educators and leaders who strive to, and are successful in bringing out the best in their clients and producing positive change

There are those who are there to make you always depend on them and there are mentors who teach you enough skills to do it yourself. Toni gives the skills to do things ourselves and it’s a far greater gift and a higher road we travel when we have her as a mentor. I went to an interesting Momentum course in 2012 on Auto-Piloting your practice.

Since then I went on the most amazing, exciting and rewarding journey to become a wiser businesswoman and achieving personal goals. Toni has supported me for the last 8 years. I believed with Toni's mentorship that I would go from A to B far quicker in my practice than if I worked it out myself. The gold I have been given is I have Toni in my head and I now have the skillset to work out the answers myself in the form of Toni's words teaching me and supporting me through my journey.

Dear Momentumite,

Go into this program with an open mind. You and your staff need to believe that you will get something out of it – even when it seems not. Know that this is a process over time and if, at times, parts seem irrelevant or not applicable, give it time to come together. The program will benefit everyone but as I was told – you will only get out of it what you put in.

Be aware that whatever you feel is raising difficulties to yourself; others will be experiencing the same or similar. One of the main advantages of the program is that you get the opportunity to find out the highs and lows others were also experiencing and know that there is always support for you. This is what helped me move forward and achieve.

I do not regret a minute (or dollar) of the program.

Margaret Thomson
Dear Fellow Momentumite,

Congratulations on your decision to join this wonderful extended family. You are about to start an amazing journey that will not only benefit your practice, work life, work quality but also your personal life, personal fulfillments of your partner and if you have them, your kids. There will be more to it than what you expect. You may find it disheartening when you see the paper work, you may wonder if it really is for you and your practice when you bring your staff to the conference and they appear resistant, but trust me, it’s worth it! You will always have a network of friends who genuinely want to help even if we’ve never met. Your staff will grow, develop skills and will agree that they have benefited personally as well as in their enjoyment of work. Life just gets better for all; more control, more enjoyment looking forward to the future. It is so much more than expected!


Som Ling Leung
Dear New Momentum Dentist,
I congratulate you on taking a stand for improving yourself, your practice, and the profession.

I took on the program with the belief of earning more, having more choice, being more savvy in business. The results are far greater than this. I achieved my goal, financially within the 1st year, I became more savvy in business by the 2nd year, BUT I became a more successful dentist as well.

The program will give you the opportunity to express your failings, your successes and your weaknesses. It will also enable you to serve your patients better ands you will do it because it is in you, not taught to you!

You will need to be a leader, a teacher and a team player. But never lose sight of the goal. A better you means a better dentist means a better practice means a life that is lived by you, not controlling you.

Good luck.

David Rumble
Dear Momentum Student,

Sitting here at the end of an intense program of learning with Momentum, I can’t help but feel excited for what we have achieved in such a short time. The systems and tools implemented in the practice have had a huge impact on the way we run our practice and the dentistry we do.

I would have to say though that as we reach the end of our Momentum journey, I have started to realize that Momentum is more than just systems and tools. It is much more than that! It is really about life! After all a huge part of our lives is spent in practices and Momentum has taught us how to bring the two together to achieve and get the most out of life! I am so excited for you all and wish that I could have my chance over again, because I know that there is so much more I could have implemented. Just some words of advice, be open-minded and be willing to give everything a go. Who knows, you might be surprised.

All the best!

Dr. John Bacalakis

I wish you all the best as you embark on an exciting journey. A journey of discovery, of ups and downs, and growth. As you put systems in place in your business you will experience growth in your practice, team, in profits as you start managing the numbers but most of all growth within yourself as you develop not just a business plan but strategies for life.

This course makes you “STOP” and take the time to look at “where you are now” and “where you want to be” in the future and provides you with some of the tools to help you get there. Along the journey you will have fun and make some great friends for life.

Make the most of this opportunity.

Love Anne Marie

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