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Exceptional 5 star patient service is no longer a differentiating factor in practices. It is an ESSENTIAL if you want to create loyal patients that refer their friends and family. At Momentum, we base all our systems around a win:win:win philosophy and the centre of this is our patients. The patient and their best interest is a pivotal point in all of Momentum’s teachings.


For a business to operate and grow it MUST make a profit. We have tried and trusted systems to help you increase your production. From your appointment scheduling, your diagnosis and treatment  planning to the presentation of your treatment plan, we help you become a confident clinician and inspiring leader.


Your team are your greatest resource to help you and your business grow. Learn how to inspire and motivate them to do what you want them to do, to enjoy their jobs and to become fully engaged in the provision of your services to your patients.


Why waste time re-inventing the wheel? We have all the systems, processes, resources and templates you could ever need to run your practice. We help you create your own practice  manual using our templates. It can’t get any easier than that.

We double your retention

We listen to what dental practice owners need. We CAN make a difference and bring FREEDOM to your life! A business mindset is essential for today’s practice owner. We teach you and your team business strategies and practice growth techniques. We give you the tools and the support to become  independent and give you peace of mind to free you from the relentless anxiety of business ownership. With a unique blend of high-end clinical training, systems, experience and cutting edge analytical technology, Momentum Management takes you on a transformative, fun-packed journey!

Tony Surace

Success Driven

We Stand by What We Do!

Momentum Management is here to help you get there without the stress and pressure of a lone ranger. Not only have we helped hundreds of dental practices achieve success; we have members who have the proven experience to guide you.

Streamlined Practices

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Momentum Management is here to help you get there without the stress and pressure of a lone ranger. Not only have we helped hundreds of dental practices achieve success; we have members who have the proven experience to guide you.

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Case Studies
Success Stories

Dr Tom Vo

At Dr Tom Vo’s practice; Sydney Road Dental, Manly. Was able to achieve through our coaching and guidance 250% growth in 12 months. Tom is one of our superstar clients who has a relentless need to grow and never take no for an answer. Tom followed our teachings to the ‘T’ and built his practice all while he was working in another practice. He was not even on site! “We are glad we went with momentum”, said Tom.

Ayesha Trivedi

Ayesha Trivedi in Heidelberg, Victoria was struggling with her appointment although she was market savvy. She never seems to have enough patients that will cover her expenses. In due time, Ayesha learned that there is much more to building a dental business than just getting the patient to come for an appointment. After working with us, Ayesha saw a return of patients that she had given up on before. We made sure we set things in place that would make patients come in year after year. Ayesha also learned the art of Case Acceptance using relationship building skills, NLP and other processes. This ensured that she was always diagnosing comprehensively and her patients were saying ‘Yes’! Ayesha’s business is now flourishing. She is a credit to herself and all the hard work she has put into her business and that’s just one of the success story we had.

Meet Dr Toni Surace, BDSc

Dental Practice Management Expert at Momentum Management

Dr. Toni Surace graduated from Melbourne University in 1995 as a dentist. She took her practice through the Momentum Management Program in 2008 and loved what it did for her team and her practice growth so much that she bought the company! Toni has owned Momentum since 2012 and has developed and grown the content to work in dental practices today. She has used her further studies in Digital Marketing, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence to expand the curriculum and to give practices the knowledge they need to thrive in the dental profession today.

And Emanuel Recupero

Dental Practice Management Expert at MiPractice

Emanuel Recupero is a well-known innovator and provider of dental education. He used his extensive marketing experience to create an internationally recognised brand: Dental Ed. He has seen many practices and met thousands of dentists from around the world, and he realised that they all share the same concerns with the economic changes and powerful corporate organisations monopolising the dental industry. In response to that, he has developed unique tools to attract more patients, increase productivity, and keep practices competitive and prospering in the new competitive age.

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